A Biofertiliser with extensive research over 5 years of field trials and customers feedbacks is being commercialized for farmers to achieve better results and higher yields.
The organic matters in Richfield is produced from Oil Palm Manufacturing by products, by our team of Biotech engineers.

Only selected high efficacy microbes, fungi and food for the microbes are included to amend the poor soil caused by uncontrolled chemical fertiliser which are impacted in the soil.

  • a complete slow release Bio Fertilizer packed with Bio NPK and all necessary trace elements
  • Mycorrhiza Fungi a biological material encroaching roots development and control inhibitors protecting root rot caused by pathogenic fungi
  • Contains Nano Hydrogel for control of water stress during low ground moisture condition
  • Assure stronger, better, healthier and high yielding plants
  • “Feeding the Soil to Feed the Plant”