Our Subsidiary and Partner


Greenearth Intl Holdings Sdn Bhd

Oil Palm Manufacturing waste management consultation business for the last ten years, focusing on biomass waste to bio-fertilizers from Palm Oil Industrial waste with the biotechnology from our in-house development. Greenearth was able to achieved ISO14001: 2004 Environmental Management System (EMS) and Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) with the support of the EU-biomass sustainable production initiative (biomass-sp), a development cooperation project funded by the European Union (EU) under the SWITCH ASIA PROGRAM.

Participant with Mardi Commercialization program.

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Greenearth Alliance Sdn BhdGreenearth Sabah Sdn BhdGreenearth Compost Sdn BhdGreenearth Agrosolution Sdn BhdBio Cassava Venture Sdn Bhd

Greenearth Alliance Sdn Bhd

A JV partner with Biotech Alliance International Sdn Bhd, a R&D company and We had come out with the following product:
Blackgold Bio Fertilizer

With enriched Bio NPK that provides necessary nutrients for plant growth and fruiting and Trichoderma .spp for the control of Ganoderma or BSR Diseases currently affecting 20% to 30% Oil Palm Trees throughout Malaysia.

Blackgold Mypopower (Mycorrhizae)

Another product cultured and manufactured by our company is Mycorrhizae.
A product used extensively by nursery owners and transplanting at plantations. It promote hair roots development and breaking the phosphorous found in the soil.

Blackgold Bio-N

This is Nitrogen fixation bacteria formulation from our Laboratories located in Malaysia providing Bio Organic solution to the polluting chemical fertilisers.


Greenearth Sabah Sdn Bhd

Greenearth Sabah is a dynamic partner in the Marketing and Promotion Department which moves thousands of tonnes of our Bio Fertiliser to the Estates and Plantations.

Our Marketing Force is headed by our very own Directors leading a strong and knowledge filled sales team.
This team is also responsible for the Product and Branding activities.

Greenearth Compost Sdn Bhd

  • In the earlier days we focused on Worm Composting and microbial composting method, while worm biology; Acclimatization of Worms to local weather conditions and natural breeding requirements were a challenge.
  • In year 2012 Greenearth changed
  • its priorities to Bio technologies to
  • treat our feedstocks to continue
  • produce our high quality
  • Bio fertilisers.

Greenearth Agrosolution Sdn Bhd

A joint venture company set up to deal with the company’s affairs in the East Malaysian States of Sabah and Sarawak.

Deeply imbedded in the company’s fertilizer formulations, packaging and marketing of the complete range of products manufactured and imported by the Group to extend the production of the local farmers and plantation crops.


Bio Cassava Venture Sdn Bhd

Bio Cassava Venture’s main business as the name suggest, culturing and producing high quality cassava starch, flour and chips.

Looking at producing enough food for a portion of the world will survive on Cassava products.